What we can collect

 Bulk Waste

Verge Valet™ accepts most items for collection. Generally, things that the Verge Valet Collection Team cannot collect are listed in the right column below. These items will be left behind if put out for collection, and a non-conformance notice will be issued – this is for the safety of our team.

Each collection must be no more than 3m3 (3m x 1m x 1m). Ideally, items should be less than 1.5m in length to be easily picked up and put into the collection truck. We understand this may not be possible for some furniture items.

Accepted items:                                                 Items NOT ACCEPTED:                                                                      
Air conditioners NO asbestos products
BBQ’s (not gas bottles) NO batteries
Bicycles NO building materials (brick, rubble, concrete etc.)
Bulk polystyrene NO car oil & fuel
Bulky toys NO food
E-waste (TVs, computers, accessories) NO glass panels (tables, mirrors & window panes)
Fencing (timber & steel only) NO hazardous materials (flammable, toxic or corrosive liquids)
Floor coverings (linoleum, carpet) NO paint
Fridges/freezers (doors removed) NO dirt, garden waste, soil, sand & mulch
Garden hoses NO tyres
General junk NO vehicles, car bodies, car parts
Household furniture (no glass) How much can I put out per collection?

Mattress bases
Scrap metal
Plant pots
Small electrical goods
Timber (not garden waste)
White goods (doors removed)

*Mattresses cannot be collected in the Town of Cambridge and must be booked through the Town’s mattress collection service. Limits on mattresses collected through Verge Valet™ may apply.

Please note: Bulk waste items that are not accepted in a Verge Valet™ collection may be taken to the West Metro Recycling Centre. Details here.



City of Subiaco and City of Vincent residents are not able to book greenwaste collections at this time.

Accepted items:                                                 Items NOT ACCEPTED:                                                                      
Branches NO items longer than 1.5m or branches over 300mm diameter
Flowers NO asbestos products
Leaves, weeds & grass clippings NO building materials
Palm fronds NO chemically treated or painted/stained timber
Twigs NO dirt, soil, sand & mulch
3m3 per collection booked

Diagram showing how to calculate three cubic metres

NO fencing materials*
NO household rubbish
NO plant pots/garden hoses*
NO plastic bags containing green waste**
NO rocks, bricks & rubble
NO turf
NO items included as part of bulk waste collection

* These items can be collected as part of the Bulk Household Waste collection.

If you are worried about small, loose items blowing around, please place them under your branches or twigs. You may also place loose items in a Council Approved greenwaste bag (if your Council provides these), an open cardboard box (which may be returned to your property after collection), or under a weighted tarpaulin.